Miracle Studios is a developer of online and offline, interactive and new media products & apps.
We have over 35 years of experience in the interactive entertainment industry, offering new media services, including

Next Generation Game Development (Original and Conversion)
iPhone Game Development (Original and Conversion)
Online Title development and Web Applications, including complete Corporate Web Site development
Online Product Marketing
Interactive TV Applications ...and more.

If you want to create a user-orientated, enjoyable experience... Miracle Studios is the company who will help you achieve your goals.

Past clients of Miracle Studios (and/or its management team) include:
Sega, Rebellion Limited, Stainless Games Ltd, Destination Software Inc., Elite Games (Console Game Development)
theChineseRoom, Ubisoft, Warner Interactive, Virgin Interactive, Ocean, Renegade, Team 17, Mirrorsoft, Epyx Inc. (PC Game Development)
The Co-operative Development Agency, Southern Co-operativesLimited, Walrus Limited (Web Site Development)

Miracle Studios was founding in 2003 by Gavin Wade, an industry veteran with over 35 years experience managing the development of interactive computer products. Starting in the Mid-1980ís he developed original titles for the ZX Spectrum home computer, moving on from there to the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga, before becoming one of the most respected PC developers of the 1990s, producing such classic PC games such as Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine and the US hit Chips Challenge, to name but a few.

Towards the end of the Nineties he turned his hand to console development, overseeing conversions of arcade machine titles to Sony Playstation, bringing the smash hit Midnight Club from PS2 to the Gameboy Advance. Recently he has designed and implemented original titles for Microsoft X-Box, Sony Playstation 2 console and Next-Gen PC technologies.

Today Gavin manages the day to day running of Miracle Studios, overseeing the development of our technologies, leasing with clients, seeking development opportunities, and ensuring now as ever the products we produce are second to none.